American Airlines Chef Challenge

It would seem fitting that my first post would be about throwing my hat into the ring for yet another culinary challenge. Having taken a chance with my cooking image on Season 2 of Hell's Kitchen back in 2006, and taking the worst of "reality" television's hits by being the first one booted off, you'd think I'd hide out forever, licking the wounds of my food snob pride.

But quitting isn't my specialty. Creating new dishes, entertaining friends and family, building a successful private chef business, meeting new people- all the while taking care of my family and schooling our three younger sons- these are the things that fill my life and demand my energy. One thing I never do is give up!

Most recently, I landed in the top 8 finalists at the 2010 Central Market Annual Hatch Chile Cook-Off. Did I take home top prize? Nope! But I did get to meet two amazing chefs: Kent Rathburn and Jason Boso, (much nicer than Gordon Ramsey) as well as the other aspiring contestants, taste their amazing creations, and enjoy yet another unique culinary experience.

And now, entering the American Airlines Chef Challenge is on the horizon- and is actually what kicked my butt into action on my sorely needed blog/business news information center.

I'm not computer savvy! In fact, I don't enjoy this part of it at all. But with the help of my dear husband plus a touch of perseverance, I've figured out quite a few helpful steps in getting this blog off the ground.

Now I'm onto the Chef Challenge entry, which needs to be worthy of game time fare. I've come up with a Southwest Shrimp/Spinach Stuffed Quesadilla, served w/my Signature Creamy Horseradish Sauce and topped with my beloved and all-time favorite: Deep Fried Jalapenos .

What's left is to fine tune some of this blog, fill out the American Airlines Chef Challenge entry form, and get it sent in by the September 30th deadline. What? That's only two days away??? Well, I best be going. Still lots to do!

Wish me luck!
Polly~ The Food Snob

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