Mallory's Birthday Dinner

It's a beautiful Sunday morning, cool, breezy- and I have my windows open and music playing in the background- Shane and Shane- I'm cooking a birthday dinner for my wonderful daughter-in-law, Mallory. Each of my six sons and the wives of those who are married request their favorites to celebrate their special day.

Mallory's choices this time are:

Roasted Ginger Chicken Wings
Jasmine Rice
Spinach and Spring Greens w/Red Onion, Black Olives, Romano Pecorino, Grapes, and Raspberry Vinaigrette
Hot Yeast Rolls w/Butter
White Cake w/Strawberries and Fresh Whipping Cream

Simple, yet delicious! In a few hours, most of my family will be here and nothing's better than time w/them.

Hope your day is just as lovely as I know mine will be.


  1. aww we wish so much that we could have been there!! we miss yall!

  2. Love your blog! Thank you for sending the link. The food looks amazing and I'm sure tastes as wonderful. Good luck! You know we think it's their loss if they don't pick you. :D

  3. That's exactly what I was thinking, Chelsey! Nothing is the same w/out you guys here and the countdown continues. We love and miss you both and can't wait til you come HOME!

  4. Thanks, Chele! I'm glad you're 'here'. My first attempt at a blog, so I'm trying to figure out as I go.
    Don't think I've gotten into the finalist round on the Chef Challenge as I haven't heard anything yet, and I do think I would have by now.
    It's okay. At least it got my butt moving on getting my business blog started.
    And yeah, it's their loss, cuz these quesadillas are YUMMY!! :o)
    Love you you guys!

  5. This was one of my favorite meals by far in a while!! It was so dang good!! Great choice Mal!! Chels I ate enough for you too!!