Pork Fried Rice in Ginger Sauce

Having the brown rice cooked from Friday made it so quick and easy to make today's Sunday lunch. I had set out some sliced pork loin before leaving for church, and once home found that from prep to table we had a delicious, nutritious meal in less than 30 minutes: I cut the pork into cubes, stir fried it in a small amount of sesame oil and minced garlic. While it was going, I made a quick ginger sauce (noted in my Ginger Chicken Wings on the Menu Selection page)- and while both were cooking- yellow squash, red onion, cilantro, red pepper, and baby carrots were diced, sliced and set aside. By this time, the pork was done and put into a bowl- the veggies took its place in the frying pan and were stirred for about 5 minutes while I thickened the ginger sauce. The vegetables then went into the same bowl with the pork, and 3 cups of the cold brown rice took their place in the frying pan w/a little more sesame oil- fried and then combined w/the meat, veggies, ginger sauce, and some shredded napa cabbage: a fragrant and healthy meal. One pan, one bowl to mix it all, one small pot for the sauce. And one happy family.
I'll be pulling out one of the 18 quarts of beans (from Friday's cooking marathon) and adding them to sautéed garlic/poblanos/onion/cilantro, freshly ground cumin, then stirring in sharp cheddar and sour cream for a spicy bean dip that we'll enjoy with seasoned corn and flour tortilla chips this evening. And I won't feel like I've been slaving in the kitchen for hours on end.
Hope your Sunday is just as relaxing.


  1. I will definitely be making this recipe for Derek and I. Rick and Jake will take a bite or two to see if they can "tolerate". Sigh, they are so difficult. Jake has BBQ babyrack ribs in the crockpot as I type. :)

  2. I was wrong. This is awesome!!
    I love you.