Shout Out to Kit at Paris Bakery

I love it when I know I'm going to get really good food and I don't have to cook it! While I love time in my kitchen, it's nice to have a night off every once in a while. And that's just what happened.

Last night, my dear friends, Patty Kyle and Savannah Hubbard, came over to celebrate my birthday with a girls' night. Thoughtfully, they brought dinner. Happily, thankfully, joyfully- it was from Paris Bakery. And it was good. The kind of good that makes you go Mmmmmmmmm over and over.

Cauliflower Soup, Lavendar Bread, and Kalamata Foccacia. Simple, yet divine.

Quality is the name of the game with owner/operator, Kit, and while this is a business blog to promote my own  Food Snob agenda, I'm always happy to speak on behalf of true culinary artists. His knowledge and creativity are impressive, yet he's humble and so willing to take the time to share.

Kit is one of those rare finds- and when I want to eat out- which doesn't happen often- his place is my place of choice. I can be my picky snobby ol' food self and still get something to rave about!

Sorry that I don't have pictures. It was too tempting to wait for the perfect shot. Rest assured that there were empty dishes and big smiles.

Happy Birthday to me! :o)

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