Food Snob Cookbook- pre-orders?

As I'm working fast and furious on this new project, my mind often wanders to the inevitable question: Will anyone actually BUY this thing??

It's going to be a compilation of family, friend, and client favorites over the years- many of which you can see on my Menu Selections page.

I'm searching for the best publishing option that allows me to put it out for purchase at a reasonable price. Of couse, this means the initial investment- so how many DO I pay for upfront when I finalize the deal?

My desire is to keep it under $20. If I'm able to do this, who out there is willing to pre-order so i can have some kind of ballpark number to shoot for when I do finally commit to an initial order amount?

That doesn't mean any money upfront- it's just to give me an idea of what to do in this completely new territory. If you're the least bit interested, would you please let me know either on this site or message me through facebook?

Thanks a ton, and in the meantime,
Happy Eating!

Polly~ The Food Snob