A HUGE Thank You!! Book Signing Was An Amazing Success!

What a day it was! As I parked in front of Bowden's, the first thing I saw was a poster that Bob and Sydney had made and displayed in their storefront window. I nearly cried! What a sweet thing to do!

We unloaded lots of goodies, got it all set up and were ready when the doors opened at 10. And it's a good thing we were as in minutes their beautiful, cozy store was filled w/folks coming in for their copies of "Cooking With Polly The Food Snob".

Thankfully, my fifth son- Daniel, and our amazing friend- Danielle Frankland, were there to help make change and get folks taken care of while I visited and signed about 150 or so copies.

It was nonstop for quite a while, and I was honored beyond belief by the amazing interest and trust shown in this project.

What fun we had while guests tasted treats like Raspberry Irish Butter and Spiced Oatmeal Cookies, the ever growing popular Fried Jalapeno Peppers, my signature Chicken Salad, Freshly Ground Brown Rice Crackers, Cinnamon Wheat Bread and Almond Lemonade Tea to sip in the unseasonably warm weather.
All of those items are featured in the cookbook, and it was nice to offer folks a sampling of the possibilities.

I met some new people, and got to see many whom I haven't in several years. Clients, family, and friends all showed up in support, and I couldn't be more thankful.

My supportive husband, Doc Holladay, stopped by on his lunch break: always there for me through my  'mad adventures'. Vicki Frankland (mother to Danielle) came- you'll see her mentioned in the book, and is truly the driving force behind my ultimate decision to take on this project.

Funny folks like my dear friend, Patty Kyle, trying on and eventually purchasing a gorgeous jacket, and Sharon Hindman talking about an online dating service. What a whirlwind of laughter those two provided.

Gracious women like Ann Gilliland, "Miss Emily" (she'll get a kick out of that) and Caroleen Thornton, whom I rarely get to see but always enjoy when I do.

"One stop and shop" wonders like Lyn Salas who purchased thirteen copies for easy Christmas giving!

Savannah Hubbard. my kindred spirit and soul sister, dashing in for a quick hug; Mallory Holladay, my daughter-in-law coming in just to say 'hi' and 'be there' for me (as family, she gets a free copy!!), Jana Dickson encouraging as always, Glenda Riddles who wanted a picture made with me- I haven't had that "celebrity feeling" since my fleeting 15 seconds of fame on Hell's Kitchen back in 2006.

Mr. Jerry Bawcum, one of my favorite clients and just a dear man, stopping in first thing when I know he's so busy in so many ways. The list could go on and on. But I can't say thank you enough. The unbelievable support will bring tears to my eyes for months to come.

My favorite moment of the day as I was furiously trying to sign copies of the cookbook: seeing the horrified look on Bob Bowden's face as he remarked, "Your penmanship is terrible!" I told him to quit being such a "snob", selectively and comically choosing my words to match the moment.

But in fact, Bob's quite the opposite. He and Sydney are such gracious, warm and down-to-earth people, and couldn't have made me feel more at home despite my less than classy moments of trying to keep cash in a bowl (Bob kindly brought me the more appropriate cash box) and bringing out ill wrapped gifts (NOT my forte`!!). I wanted to cringe when I saw his classic black wrapping and gorgeous red bow next to my red and green plastic gift bags w/green tissue paper. I'm willing to bet he cringed even more when he saw mine.

But those are the moments I laugh about. In the end, nothing is more important to either of us than good friends, family and serving those we love.

For those who couldn't make it by but have some on reserve (and these are set aside in your names), or others who still want them in time for Christmas: there are signed copies at Bowden's, 131 Lamar Ave, available for you to pick up at your convenience. If we happen to run out of nonreserved copies, (and we quickly are), there will be gift certificates to purchase and give.

For those who want my cookbook, but at a later date: I'll be placing another printing order which will be available for purchase at Bowdens after the first of the year.

Thank you again and again, Bob and Sydney, and all of you who came to make this one of my all-time favorite days. I pray you are as blessed as I and my family have been by each of you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Eating!
Polly~The Food Snob

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