Christmas Baking, Music, and Candles- How Blessed I Am!

Old English Christmas music playing. Soothing. Peaceful.
My favorite candle scent: Balsam Pine. I love candles and light them all the time. Right now, the flames are flickering and casting a warm glow throughout my home.
And both ovens have been going strong with various cookies baking: Spiced Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, Peppermint/Cream Cheese, Raspberry Irish Butter, and Crispy Sugar.
I'm blessed to have such a day!
A husband who prayed with me this morning- that I'd have time to relax and enjoy this time of the year.
Sons who are so willing and helpful- thank you Michael, Daniel, and Benjamin!
Good ingredients for baking: real butter, organic flour that's so smooth and just perfect for my creations, walnuts, peppermint, whole cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg, sweet raspberry preserves, chocolate; the list goes on.
So much for which to be thankful!
Family, friends, a warm home, all of our needs met; the blessings of God abound and fill my life- both the hard times which teach us to conform, and the sweet times that encourage us to reflect.
And most of all, a Savior, Who loves us far beyond our wildest dreams and imaginations. Forgiveness, mercy, grace. Gifts that money can't buy. I weep with gratitude, and smile with joy.
Merry Christmas- all of you!
Polly~The (Grateful) Food Snob


  1. I made your cranberry walnut cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast, and they literally flew off the serving platter! I see a new Christmas tradition in the making. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes in your new cookbook.

  2. Remember that you can do so many variations w/those sweet rolls for your own family's preferences. No nuts, or different nuts (toasted pecans are delicious!), dried cherries,golden raisins,chopped apples, etc.
    I am so thankful that your family enjoyed them. They are blessed to have you, and I am blessed to call you my friend!