The Food Snob's Home Kitchen

Welcome to my world, my favorite place to be: My Kitchen!

You can read the picture to the top right and those words truly do say it all. It is the place where I start and finish my days- the place where I dream and plan- the place that brings all of us together.

I love when family is in or friends come over, and they pull up a stool at the island and visit while I'm preparing something yummy. Texas Pecan Maple Coffee and Cinnamon Walnut Sweet Rolls w/a girlfriend or two is a treasured time.  Pasta, a big salad, and Italian bread for friends is easy w/two ovens and three fridges.

I know, I know- it's excessive. But the way I look at it is we are blessed to have a large family and lots of friends who willingly make the drive out to our tiny community, and we want to share what we have with them. Anything baking or simmering is best enjoyed with those we love.

At any given time you'll find my dairy and meat fridge filled with a variety of cheeses, yogurt, cream, bacon, deli meats, etc. The produce fridge is always full of a host of fresh vegetables and fruits: oranges, spinach, asparagus, apples, baby carrots, spring mix, a variety of peppers and onions just to name a few.  The other fridge has pots of stews and soups, tortillas, homemade salad dressings, breads for quick toasting. Freezers hold pecans, almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, a variety of seeds and grains: good things to make healthy and delicious meals.

At this time, the big cleared off space w/the hanging pans is awaiting the arrival of one of my dream appliances- a 36"x22" stainless steel electric griddle. It shipped out yesterday from New York, and I can't wait for it to arrive! I'm thinking of all of the things I can make for my family and friends: quesadillas, pancakes, a variety of stir fry meals (can anyone say Benihanas?), grilled veggie sandwiches- the possibilities are endless!

Yes, my kitchen is a blessing beyond anything I deserve. My heart's desire is to always share this blessing with open arms. So, give me a holler and take a beautiful country ride. Coffee's on, soup's simmering, bread's baking. And the welcome mat is always out.

Happy Eating!
Polly~ The Food Snob

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