Smoked Sausage Corn Chowder

This drizzly, cold evening is perfect for soup, and today I'm making one of my family's favorites: Corn Chowder.
If you bought my cookbook, you'll see I've listed options such as adding chicken to this versatile soup. Ham is great, too, and when I add that I use only chunks of Cure 81 cause it's so yummy!!
Today, I've chosen a jalapeno smoked sausage- adding just the right 'kick' to this already amazing soup. With the peppers (poblano and sweet red) and onions (red) -you know how much this food snob loves and uses those!- extra sharp cheddar cheese, fresh sweet corn cut from the cob, it's going to be a healthy meal with super great textures and flavors.
I'm going to use the emulsifier before adding the sausage and corn, so we'll have creamy, chewy, and crunchy all in one!
I hope your evening is as sastisfying as ours, and I'm sure it will be if you're blessed with warmth, love and a good meal.
Happy Eating!!
Polly~The Food Snob

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