Shout Out to Becky at Swirlz!!

Yesterday was Deanna's baby shower. Thank you, Mallory Holladay, Savannah Hubbard, Rebekah Vaughn and Bethany Vaughn for your hard work and help for a HUGE success! We had a blast w/more than 22 guests!

And a gigantic shout out to Rebecca Robinson , my talented sister-in-law at Swirlz Bakery Boutique, for the fabulous cake!! (See picture below posts.) I loved the fact that she was able to match the baby bedding that Deanna had chosen. And I love the baby bedding because it has tools which are a huge part of Kevin's life as a World Class Master Tech for GM.

You never know; Kade David might grow up to follow in his daddy's successful footsteps.

Becky not only made the cake but delivered it for us, too, taking one of our worries completely away.

Not only was the cake perfect to look at, but was delicious as well. Marshmallow fondant, chocolate cake, and buttercream filling. YUM! A perfect addition to an already perfect reason to celebrate.

Swirlz Bakery Boutique, Reno, Texas: go there for your sweet tooth satisfaction. You will be glad you did!
This food snob's personal favorite: Salted Caramel Cupcakes. Sample from their large variety of cupcake flavors and see what yours is, too.

Happy Eating!
Polly~ The Food Snob

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