Cookbook Now Available On Amazon.com!!

Two things I love to do in my business: visit with clients and cook.

I dread all the brainiac business stuff. I simply don't enjoy shuffling papers and learning/implementing the ways of high tech selling.

But sometimes, one must do what one must do. And so I put on my thinking cap, got online w/Amazon, and slowly but surely figured it out.

For your convenience, you can now go to www.amazon.com and order your copy or copies of "Cooking With Polly The Food Snob" and have your purchases shipped directly to you and/or to family and friends. Each book will be autographed by yours truly.

I hope that you will enjoy each recipe and personal comments as much as I enjoy being at your culinary service.

Have a wonderful day-
And Happy Eating!

Polly~The Food Snob

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