I'm In Food Heaven!!

What compels us to write? Love, I'm sure, is probably the reason that motivates us most. We write songs about love, we pen love letters, we create poetry inspired by love of someone or something. Most importantly, God wrote His book of love to us in the form of Scripture. Every time I pick up my Bible, I see and feel His amazing love.

Oh, that I was mature enough to rush in here this morning and write for that very reason. But alas, I'm not. Today, my sole motive is all about my love for something else that can be quite inspiring: food.

Just a few minutes ago I stood at my kitchen island in complete rapture, fixated over a cooking stone of fresh-from-the-oven Sweet Cream Biscuits; the very ones listed on page 32 in my cookbook.

My hard and fast rule of sliding only one onto my plate while immediately dispersing the rest to my family members was broken this morning as I gleefully placed two, oh so lovingly, onto my small plate. 'Small plates mean less food' I convinced myself.

I gently lifted a side of each, the steam escaping, the aroma and heat assaulting my senses like a mighty desert wind. I separated them so that now I had ‘more’ (sometimes my mind is so gullible). Real butter was then slathered, and warm honey poured onto all four halves.

Hot green tea was steeped. Vanilla Cream scantily added. A meal fit for a food snob queen!

One bite and my head rolled back, my eyes closed, my throat hummed a deep, satisfying moan from within. I let the flaky morsel melt on my tongue, holding it there to prolong the culinary ecstasy. My favorite "Polly Phrase" (which the kids promise will be engraved on my tombstone) spilled out: "I'll tell you one dang thing!” I gushed, “this is dang good!!"

And on and on I went: tasting, enjoying, audibly expressing my pleasure. One half was gone, slowly, but gone nonetheless. Then, sadly, another half disappeared as I thoroughly savored every bite, topping each off with a sip of hot tea.

Then my 'Polly Policy' of only one biscuit began gnawing at my deeper-than-deep consciousness. So tempting, it was, to ignore that annoying voice. But steadfast resolve and a clamping down on my love affair with these calorie laden breakfast treats found me rushing to Daniel and his mounded plate of THREE HUGE butter/honey laden biscuits (oh, how I abhor their Holladay metabolism!). "TAKE THIS PLATE OF SATAN AWAY FROM ME!" I cried. And before I could allow myself another glance or taste, off my plate and onto his, those tempting treasures slid. I was determined. Daniel was delighted at the increased bounty set before him, not the least bit surprised at his crazy mother’s flair for the dramatic.

Write! Write! Write; my whole being shouted. Write, don't eat! I dashed to my office to relay my culinary experience, inspired by nothing more than a combination of organic flour, baking powder, a bit of salt, real butter and heavy whipping cream.

A simple pleasure in life, I’ll admit. But sometimes it’s the simple pleasures that make us stop and think how truly blessed we are and how amazing our lives could be if we would be satisfied with those rather than always seeking more.

I pray your life is surrounded by simple pleasures today.
Happy Eating!
Polly~ The Food Snob


  1. What a great post! Look at you go... first your a chef, then your a published cook book author and now your writing...well let's just say maybe we know where Michael gets his talent? Love you!

  2. That's because I have good friends who encourage, inspire, and sometimes boss me around. And I love them (you) for it! Can't wait to see you! The Texas Pecan coffee is ready to start. The quiche, biscuits and blueberry cream cheese cookies are gonna be even better shared with a friend!