Friends, Quiche, and Blueberry/White Chocolate/Cream Cheese Cookies

One blessing I enjoy as much as possible is having friends over and cooking something yummy to share. Today provided such an opportunity.

One of my good friends, Vicki Frankland, and three of her children arrived around noon.

My boys and I greeted them with aromas of Texas Pecan Coffee waiting to be enjoyed, two cheesy quiches baking in one oven, and Sweet Cream Biscuits going strong in the other. White Chocolate Mocha Creamer went with the coffee. Real butter and rapsflower blossom honey was to be served with the biscuits. Simple. Delicious. Real food with true friends. What more could we ask?

Though stuffed, there was the promise of my newly created (courtesy of the assignment given to me by our second son, Timothy) Blueberry/White Chocolate/Cream Cheese cookies. Having experimented with three different dough batches, perfection was finally attained just last night.

Much visiting and too early a departure time didn't allow for dessert baking, but after our friends left, the boys and I set out to get a few more of these delectable morsels into the oven.

Chewy, soft bliss!

Extra dough went into the fridge so that we can enjoy them again, and bake extra to share with the Franklands when we head to town later this week. After all, Vicki is an amazing taste tester!

I'm thinking these are good enough to make the Food Snob's Menu Selection page and the upcoming Volume Two of "Cooking With Polly The Food Snob". My sons definitely agree!

Look for more Food Snob creations in the near future and Happy Eating!
Polly~ The Food Snob

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