For My Family This Morning: Orange Cream Cheese Pecan Bread

With my family's combined hectic holiday schedule of working at various jobs, coaching and playing basketball, shopping, decorating, wrapping gifts, food snob events, making time for friends, etc. it's rare that we are together for a meal. Since we were all home for a short time this morning, I decided a special breakfast was just what we needed.

So, we fired up the griddle, got the bacon to frying, ground some Texas Maple Pecan Coffee beans, peeled oranges and washed apples and pears for the juicer, cracked open eggs from our very own flock of Rhode Island Reds, and assembled the ingredients for one of my favorite, yet 'oh so easy' breakfast treats: Orange Cream Cheese Pecan Bread.

As we gathered around the table and held hands to pray, I was so grateful for the love that our family shares and for such simple pleasures which bless our lives.

Later today, we'll head to Sulphur Springs to celebrate with Jonathan, our third son, on his good news: acquiring a job! Lunch with him and his sweet wife, Chelsey and seeing the house they will soon move into will take up most of our afternoon. And then we are off to Kevin and Deanna's to take care of our grandson, Kade, while they head to a company Christmas party.
Time with family is our greatest treasure. Good food is just an added bonus.

As I've heard said, and say so many times myself: We are more blessed than we deserve. And I try never to take it for granted.

Happy Holidays from the Holladays,
Polly~ The Food Snob


  1. Hi, I'm Jen and I'm a friend of your SIL, Chele. I was a lurker for awhile and loved reading your posts. :) Any chance of a Kindle version of your book coming out? More blog posts? I drool every time I see pictures of your kitchen. :D

  2. Hi Jen!!
    Thanks for your interest and kind remarks.
    As you can tell, I haven't posted in a LONG time. Been busy w/my grandbabies, and other interests. Always cooking, trying, learning new things, just not posting much anymore. I really should do a better job!! Email me at thefoodsnob@1starnet.com and let me know if you want a hard copy of my book. Sorry, but it's not on kindle. Have a lovely day!!