Hey! What's For Dinner??

This morning, I was elbow deep in flour and sugar as I measured out ingredients for Rosemary Bread and Fudge Walnut Cranberry Cake. A huge bowl of real butter was softening for Garlic Parsley Butter to be whipped, rolled into logs, wrapped and frozen. Grapes were washed, dried and stored in the fridge. Walnuts were toasted and chopped. Feta was crumbled. Peppers were roasted and diced. Potatoes were scrubbed.

There's lots to do to prepare a meal for 300 folks, and that's about the number of expected guests for this year's Paris Pregnancy Care Center Gala.

Food prep is a team effort as Kathy Townes and I join forces and are blessed with volunteers who eagerly ask what they can do to help.

Her staff is an amazing group of women from Detroit (Texas, that is). My help comes from my family and some dear friends. Kathy is taking charge of the meats and one dessert. I will be preparing the sides, bread/butter, and the other dessert.

It's the least I can do considering the thousands of hours other people donate at the center throughout the year. They are the ones who make a daily difference: loving, supporting, educating, counseling, and helping countless men (yes, men!), women, and children in our community and surrounding areas. Their help involves more than free pregnancy tests. They teach a variety of classes from childcare to Scripture, provide sonograms so that parents can see their babies, and help with a whole host of practical needs. And they engage in our most powerful resource: prayer!

Folks who plan to attend the gala always want to know who's cooking and what's on the menu. Those are good questions.

But the most important question I can think of is 'What can I do to help the unborn?'

Someone must stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Someone must say what they cannot:
"I want to live."
"This hurts."
"Please don't take me out of my mother."
"All I need is time to grow."
"When you consider a lifetime, 9 months isn't that long. And when you look back, I bet you will never regret choosing what I would choose: life."
"If you don't want me, someone does."
"If you can't take care of me, someone can."
"If you don't think I'm real, I am."

By the way, the menu is:

Beef Tenderloin
Roasted Chicken

Roasted Pepper/Artichoke Potatoes
Spring Mix Salad w/Red Grapes, Black Olives, Feta, Red Onion and Raspberry Vinaigrette
Rosemary Bread
Garlic Parsley Butter

Coconut/Lemon White Cake
Fudge Walnut Cranberry Cake

Coffee (provided by Paris Coffee Company)

I will also be selling my remaining cookbooks: "Cooking With Polly The Food Snob" for just $10. All of the items I'm preparing tonight are found in the cookbook. And for every cookbook purchased, $5 will go directly to the Paris Pregnancy Care Center. It's just a small way I can give back to this amazing community of ours.

Take note:
Date: October 20
The place is the Love Civic Center.
The starting/food service time is 6:15. Program will follow.
The charge: free.

The blessing you receive by your generous donation of financial help and/or time volunteering will be far greater than you can ever imagine.

Hope to see you there!
Polly~ The Food Snob

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  1. I am looking forward to it! I've been looking through your cookbook this morning! Having a family get together this Sunday and looking for some special dishes.
    See you Thursday. Brenda Fendley