Yummy Brunch Menu

Yesterday, my staff and I served brunch to about 125 members of Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Paris, Texas.
From G R Fasken to Suzy Harper, with a whole host of gracious folks in between- I'd like to thank you for such an enjoyable experience!

The menu selections included:

Egg Dishes:
Green Chile/Cilantro/Jack Cheese
Southwest w/Smoked Ham/Sharp Cheddar/Red Onions/Sweet Peppers
Grape Tomato/Basil/Feta

Green Salsa

Sweet Cream Biscuits
Freshly Ground Wheat/Seed Bread
Cranberry Walnut Sweet Rolls

Strawberries Romanoff
Pineapple/Grape/Strawberry Fresh Fruit Cup

Texas Pecan Coffee
Orange Juice
Citrus Fruit Infused Water

I believe that the best foods contain "real", fresh ingredients and palate pleasing flavor.

Eggs, from our own farm raised chickens, are a must. The yolks, deep yellow from the hens eating all that beautiful green grass, were so full of color that, once beaten, looked like orange juice. I've been collecting and storing them for the past couple of weeks just for this occasion. Had to call a Ben Franklin neighbor and purchase several dozen from her own chickens (thank you, Audrey Vandygriff!) just to make sure I had enough- staying true to my policy of 'farm fresh eggs only'.

Freshly ground peppercorns give just the right zip. Wheat kernels (also called berries), which I grind myself, make all the difference in my Wheat/Seed Bread. Fresh herbs, such as cilantro and basil, are key in many of my dishes. For the sweet rolls, I grind cinnamon sticks and use real butter (NEVER margarine) and you can surely tell the difference!

Colorful, flavorful, satisfying foods leave guests full and smiling. This is my personal guarantee for anyone enjoying a Food Snob prepared event. I refuse to put my name on anything less!

So, if you're looking for someone with a passion for quality food and satisfied clients, please give me a holler.

Thank you, Holy Cross parishioners, for your trust and the privilege of serving you! My staff and I are always honored when given such amazing opportunities!

Happy Eating!
Polly~ The Food Snob

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