Dear Friends and Good Food- What a Blessing!

I got a text from my dear friend, Patty Kyle, Monday night- "What are you doing tomorrow?"
I replied- "School (I homeschool my boys) and cooking something delicious for my friend if she'll come over. PLEASE come!" And she did.

Is there anything better than visiting, sharing, just yakking away with a girlfriend- about important things, about nothing, but just being together AND eating something amazing at the same time?
That's just what we did.

After doing my part of the boys' lessons with them, I was out walking in the beautiful fall weather- weaving in and out of our free range chickens and the lone black goat, listening to our 3 donkeys fussing in the back pasture- and then I got busy fixing some fencelines. Before I knew it, I had about 20 minutes to shower and get something going for Patty's arrival! So, in I dashed, my mind racing madly.

I knew just the thing to make: Gourmet Vegetarian Pizza. I already had a rosemary foccacia pizza dough I'd made last month wrapped and stored in the freezer.

Taking that out, I preheated the oven to 450- jumped in the shower- out and dressed in 10 minutes- and back in the kitchen.

On a cooking stone and in the oven went the thawing dough. And out of my refrigerators (I have 3 fridges and 3 freezers IN my house) I grabbed a yellow squash, red bell pepper, fresh garlic, asparagus, mozzarella, shaved romano, fresh basil, pine nuts, and sliced black olives.

Off the cabinet top I took some grape tomatoes and amazing olive oil I'd bought in California this past May.

In about 5 minutes, I had all of this diced, sliced, mixed, and seasoned w/kosher salt and freshly cracked coarse black peppercorns.

Toasting pizza dough out- mixture piled on top and spread to the edges- and back in the oven for about 8 more minutes. Easy, nutritious and amazingly delicious!

Yep, dear friends and good food- a blessing indeed!


  1. Yum!! Was that the olive oil from Solvang?!

  2. No, honey. We bought this oil on Balboa Island. I found it in an amazing shop called Olive Oil and Beyond- and the one I picked was from Greece. The shop owner had this really cool accent, and offered about 40 samples that were kept in these stainless steel dispensers (the best way to store olive oil)and he was so helpful and knowledgeable. There was a complete description of each oil, where it was from, the recommended uses, etc. What I picked out is absolutely delicious!! And I use it for special occasions. If you get to come to Texas before it's gone, I'll make something with it just for you! Love you!!

  3. Yummy! Can't wait to come see you guys!!! We had so much fun with you while you were down here. Hope to see you soon-I can't wait to taste some of your cooking. Daisy and Lizzie say hello! Love you too!

  4. hi to you all! boys have letters ready to send- so be looking for them soon! have a happy happy happy thanksgiving!