A Grandson and a Griddle!

Well, in two days I've experienced two amazing blessings. Of course, the best one by far is Kade David. Family, not food, is at the top of this food snob's list of priorities.

But, it doesn't hurt to enjoy the blessing of an amazing appliance, either. Having been given a 'light' green light from my post surgery doctor's visit, I'm now allowed back into my kitchen with part time privileges.

So, it's not surprising that my first "almost solo" venture would be using my newest kitchen treasure- THE GRIDDLE!

I've got a bit to learn when it comes to temperatures and how this device best works- as evidenced by the smokey air surrounding me- But dang! Even with that slight distraction, I LOVE IT.

Two days ago, I got back to family food business- with help from my boys, of course- and got things going for about five meals.

Later that day we enjoyed Chicken Spinach Enchiladas, Spanish Rice, my famous Black Bean Dip, and Freshly Fried Flour and Corn Tortilla Chips.

Into the fridge went Lime Chicken and Rice Soup, prepped vegetables for Pork Stir Fry, extra brown rice, formed hamburger patties, seasoned and fried taco meat, and another batch of enchiladas and bean dip for a meal later this week. All the things that will make future dinner prep a snap. It was exhausting, but fun.

And it also made today's meal a cinch as all that was needed was a preheated griddle and grabbing prepped items from the vegetable fridge and pantry. Precooked brown rice, cut up veggies, cubed pork loin, sesame oil and a bit of soy sauce. And hamburger patties just to make better use of the extra griddle space.

In about ten minutes, the patties and the stir fry were ready. It was a perfect meal for my boys' pregame meal before playing basketball in Whitesboro tonight. And I can easily warm my husband's plate in the oven so it will be ready before we take off down the road.

Now, I'm off to the recliner for more rest and time to enjoy one of my favorite authors: Vince Flynn. I'll eat a good meal, read a while, and dream about my sweet Kade and holding him again as soon as possible. He and his fabulous Mommy are doing great today. For that and all of our blessings, we give heartfelt thanks!

Have a wonderful day and happy eating!
Nana Polly~ The Food Snob

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