My Friendship and Culinary Cup Runneth Over!

Well, it's day 10 since surgery, and I've been quite the model patient. Do I like it? Nope. But am I willing to do what's best for the short time in order to be healthiest in the long run? Yep.

Thank you, dear friends, who have come to visit and bring food.

Friday, by far, has been my best and favorite day w/blessing after blessing extended to me and my family- beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending at nearly 10 that evening.

Patty Kyle, your morning visit refreshed my spirit. The amazing Chocolate Croissant from Paris Bakery was an added bonus, and was so enjoyed with a grapefruit and Texas Pecan Maple Coffee. Laughter and good food w/a dear friend does the soul wonders and heals quicker than the most modern of medicines.

Kathleen Newman, I can't express my appreciation enough for taking my boys home w/you for a time of fun and feeding them in the process. The meals (yes, mealS) you then brought are a blessing beyond anything I can express. And our visit, shared with candles blazing, was comforting and uplifting and made what at times are long hours pass by so swiftly and in such fun. And the meals (complete w/instructions, God bless you!), after hearing of the next expression of love, went into one of my fridges to be enjoyed for many days to come. Soup, pasta, Tater Tot Casserole (my men will be eternally grateful for that one!), bread, salad, and a Lemon Pound Cake are more than I could have asked for. Thank you so much, Kathleen!

And the blessings didn't stop w/your return home.

Johnny and Sherry Risinger, parents to my daughter-in-law, Mallory, came Friday night and w/Mal's help prepared and brought an amazing meal of Greek Pasta, Salad, Homebaked English Muffin Bread, and Iced Brownies. Visiting went into the evening, and love abounded in so many forms as quiet, gentle Johnny endured 'women talk' for longer than any man should- and with such graciousness.

These are the things that keep us going- love, friendship, simple gifts of time.

And as you'll see by the newest pictures, my griddle finally arrived and has been used twice- but not by me. Nope, my instructions are and have been 'STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN!', so I'm having to do what I do worst: be patient and share my new dream appliance.

Quesadillas were prepared first on it: diced rosemary chicken, grape tomato halves, fresh chopped cilantro and red onions, extra sharp cheddar cheese and simple buttered flour tortillas. I laughed as I sat far away in the living room, but not too far away to hear my guys questioning each other: "Do you put these things together first, or do you wait and do it on the griddle?" But try they have, and the outcome was super crispy on the outside and cheesy and yummy on the inside.

This morning, Daniel was a one man culinary show as he made (from scratch!) buttermilk pancakes, farm fresh fried eggs and slab bacon- all at the same time, on this gigantic appliance. I'm jealous!! But more than that, I'm thankful for sons who help so willingly and are doing it so well. Clean up duty went to Ben and Mike, and I listened as they worked together, not a single complaint spoken.

So, all in all, it's a blessed life with the things that matter most: family and friends and the love we have for one another.

I hope that your life is just as blessed.
Happy Eating!
Polly~The Food Snob

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