No Cooking for a While

Well, surgery last Thursday leaves me off my feet as much as possible for a few weeks. That means no cooking- which is difficult for me.

So, my family trudges on without me- trying to come up with their own easy, but healthy concoctions. I put together a good shopping list for my husband, who dutifully picked up an assortment of vegetables, fruits, cheeses, deli meats, breads- all to aid in ease of preparation.

Don't worry, it wasn't my vocal chords that got worked over, so I am able to give instructions and advice.

Raising six independent, self sufficient young men has proven helpful at this time, though, as three remain in the nest.

Benjamin, 12, is our breakfast maker and loves making egg dishes, bacon, toast, breakfast burritos, coffee, hot chocolate- just about anything you'd want in the morning.

Daniel, 16, is my sous chef, and is very able in the culinary realm. Last night, he got busy and made a pasta dish for his dad and brothers, and tonight he pounded chicken breasts and made roasted rosemary/lemon chicken and brown rice while Ben prepared a spinach salad w/lemon/garlic vinaigrette. And with the blessing of a beautiful snowfall, Ben now also holds the title of 'snowcream' maker.

Mike, almost 18, who isn't interested in cooking but can make a mean Dagwood sandwich helps stuff wheat hoagie rolls w/meats, cheeses, fresh spinach, tomatoes, red pepper rings, olives, red onions, pepperocini, and pickles. And when my men are done eating, Mike is always willing to take on clean up duty.

And Doc, my dear husband, has charge of keeping me cared for and settled down as I'm not one to sit still for any amount of time. I just don't have much choice at the moment- and I'm thankful for his support.

Well, my booty is sore and needs to get up from the desk chair- so I'm off for a little 'stroll' around the house, then it's pj and sleep time.
Please pray for my family as I recuperate and they run the household. Each day promises to be better than the day before, and patience is the lesson of the month for this antsy food snob.

By the way, after much delay, my new griddle is due to arrive tomorrow and I'm gonna have to wait a bit longer before beginning any new creations on it. Look for pictures and my smiling face, spatula in hand, and food a'blazin once I get back on my feet again.

Happy Eating!!
Polly~ The Food Snob

p.s. Forgot to add that my son, Timothy, and his sweet wife, Mallory, came over Sunday after church. Mallory brought the fixins for potato soup and made it for the family. It was so good, but even better because it was made with love.
Previously, Tim showed up at the hospital to take the boys out for a meal and then bring them back the day before I was sent home.
My oldest son's wife, Deanna, came to the hospital for a visit after working all day, being 8 1/2 months pregnant, and driving through rush hour traffic. (This, despite me imploring her not to worry about visiting, that I just wanted her to go home and rest! Stubborn girl, is she!)
Of all the blessings in life, family has got to be at the top of that list!
Thanks, guys!

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